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Whether you’re an amateur player or have been playing professionally for the past few years, strength and balance training can allow you to maintain your athletic performance.

Studies show that exercise is the only way an athlete can stay in shape and prolong their professional career. It sustains their performance, improves their stamina, and allows them to strengthen their muscles to avert the possibility of sustaining sports injuries.

At My Fitness Kitt, we understand the importance of training for athletes. Our VIP-Plus Program is geared to help sports professionals in the field maintain their performance. The program caters to the needs of active sportsmen, fitness models, stuntmen, veterans, and celebrities who need to work out regularly to keep up with demanding roles. This program consists of intense training and is custom-designed by certified professionals who have several years of experience working with sportsmen and athletes.

Under the VIP-Plus Program, we will develop fitness modules that include fitness trackers, unique workout routines, diet plans, and goals to help you maintain your athletic capabilities. Our sports trainers will work with you for four weeks to chart out specific workout and diet plans to match your unique needs.

Here’s how our customized plan can help you out.

Workout routine

Our customized workout routine for athletes has two goals. The fitness routine is designed to help athletes build muscle strength to maintain their performance as well as to reduce the risk of sustaining sports injuries. Each workout plan will be tweaked based on the sports you play, as well as the risk of injury in that sport.

If you’re a professional baseball player, your workout will focus on balancing the leg muscles to help you dive or sprint for the ball in the field. Exercises will be focused on improving the flexibility of your hamstrings, as well as strengthening your back, shoulder, and elbow muscles.

For golf players, exercises will target lower back muscles to provide improved stability and support, which will ultimately enhance the power of the golfer’s swing. The routine will also stimulate the muscles in your midsections, shoulders, elbows, and forearms to improve the body’s overall balance.

The workout routine for tennis players, will strengthen their lower and upper legs and focus on improving their body’s midsection torque. To prevent injuries that may arise from sudden and powerful swings, the exercises will focus on building your upper-body strength with the help of shoulders and arm exercises.

If you’re a swimmer, the exercises will focus on helping you develop a strong chest, midsection, and shoulders. In addition to that, exercises targeting your hips, calves, and legs will also be an essential part of the routine to give you more control over your kicks underwater.

The fitness and workout routines will be further developed and tweaked for clients who play other sports such as basketball, football, etc.

Nutritional meal plans

Our nutritionists will create customized diet plans and outline meal plans based on the sports you play. Your diet will primarily comprise of carbohydrates and proteins to help you maintain your strength and energy during intense workout sessions.

Since athlete workouts primarily last for more than 60 minutes, a carbohydrates-based diet will provide energy during the exercise. In addition to that, proteins will be an essential part of the meals as it helps with muscle growth and repair.

Make the most of our highly-demanding elite fitness and diet program to reach your absolute best.