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When it comes to starting your own fitness journey, no one’s ever too young or old to begin. After all, how could it ever be too late to start living healthy? But not everyone can get started on their own—especially when it comes to controlled diet and exercise. You may want to ask your friends who have been going to the gym for a while, but what if their fitness goals are different from yours?

If you’re in a similar situation, our starter plan is the perfect fit for you! These customized plans are created for novice members to act as a detailed guide on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. Our fitness starter sets weight goals based on your preferences and charts out a workout routine and personalized diet plan that will help you achieve your body objectives.

Our certified fitness experts, health experts, and trainers will create a customized plan to help you unlock the athlete within you and help you achieve your bodyweight goals.

Objective 1: Losing weight

If your goal is to lose unwanted fat and increase your physical fitness, the four-week-long course will help you get started.

The weeks will have a set of warm-up and cardio-based exercises such as the front-plank, jumping jacks, running, cobra pose, knee-hug, glute-bridge, and butt kicks. The second week will push your body a little harder by taking the intensity of the same set of exercises up a notch, and longer running intervals as well. By the third and fourth week, we will introduce intense strength training and cardio workouts to trim your physique.

Throughout the whole month, we will also plan your diet by planning meals and helping you stay on top of your calorie count. Your diet will primarily comprise of low-calorie items and fiber-rich foods to improve your body’s metabolism and keep you healthy.

Objective 2: Increasing muscle strength

If you aim to reduce body fat and increase the strength of your muscles, our customized fitness plan will help you increase your compound lifts and push you past your best.

The four-week-long program will start with a full-body workout that will target your shoulders, calves, legs, chest, triceps, back, and abs. Your exercise plan will include bench presses, barbell back squats, seated calf raises, planks, dumbbell shoulder presses, lateral raises, and decline crunches. Exercises will be rotated each week to focus on all the muscles in your body. The program will provide a full-body stimulus to help gain muscle strength while allowing you adequate time for recovery between sessions.

You will subscribe to a low-calorie, protein-based diet that involves chicken, eggs, yogurt, lean beef, and fish in controlled portions to help your body keep up with the increased exercise intensity of each week.

Objective 3: Building lean muscle

If your goal is to build lean muscle and maintain an athletic physique, our customized fitness plan will improve your muscular endurance and overall strength.

The four-week long-plan will alternate between four cycles—chest and back, legs and shoulders, and back and arms. For chest and back days, you will indulge in exercises such as bench presses, lat pull-downs, cable cross-overs, and dumbbell shoulder presses. For legs and shoulder days, you’ll be doing back squats, overhead presses, leg extensions, and dumbbell lateral raises. Finally, for back and arm days, you will do triceps dips, seated cable-tow, and bicep curls.

Your diet will primarily comprise of proteins to maintain a steady blood sugar level, and green vegetables that are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

Each of these fitness plans will be tweaked further to help each of our beginners achieve their body goals with the help of a steady workout routine and nutritional meals.