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Statistics show that the average career span of professional athletes lasts between 3.5 years to 10 years, with retirement usually in their early thirties. This means that if athletes want to get to the top of their game, a focus on delivering a consistent athletic performance isn’t enough.

If you’re a professional athlete that wants to push themselves to their best, you need to go above and beyond your current performance—and much like every skill where practice makes you perfect, your performance can only be enhanced if you subscribe to intense training and workout routines. Not only will they help you build up your stamina, but they will also push your body to its limits to sculpt and mold you into a better athlete.

At My Fitness Kitt, we offer the Professional-Plus Program for professional sportsmen and athletes. The program comprises fitness modules, unique workout routines, diet plans, to help you surpass your current athletic capabilities. The entire program is customized to help you reach your absolute best by setting higher goals.

Here are the components of our Professional-Plus Program for athletes.

The ultimate workout program

This four-week-long program for athletes is made up of a combination of hardcore conditioning work, strength training, and a range of other muscle-building exercises to keep athletes transform into an athletic marvel on the field.

Each week will start with a set of warm-up exercises followed by the main workout routine. The weeks will focus on a full-body workout, with each day of the week strengthening specific areas of the body to improve your overall athletic performance. The standard week plan will go as follows:

On Mondays/Tuesdays, you’ll start your workout with a warm-up routine comprising of side lunges, leg cradle, glute bridges, and mini-band external knee-rotations. The main workout will be a total-body strength and conditioning circuiting that will include rounds of alternating dumbbell bench presses, jump squats, half-kneeling cable chops, medicine ball rotational throw, and burpees.

On Wednesdays/Thursdays, the warm-up exercises will include cow and cat yoga poses, side plans, and Swiss ball leg curl. The main workout that will follow will include pull-ups, gobletsquats, farmer’s walk, pushups, high-box jump, one-arm dumbbell row, weighted burpee, and mountain climber.

On Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays, you will indulge in a power production circuit with the help of exercises such as sprint start, 3-hurdle drill, and 5-10-5 drill.There will be alternative days in the week where you will indulge in 30-minute interval training to give your body the time to recover and fully benefit from the high intensity of each workout.

In addition to that, our professional trainers will tweak the standard workout plan, depending on the sports you play and your performance goals.

Proper Nutrition

Our nutritionist will come up with a customized diet and meal plan for each athlete. The diet will primarily comprise more than 55 percent of carbohydrates, around 12 to 15 percent of protein, and less than 30 percent of fat.

The carbohydrates will help the body meet the demands of the training and exercise. The protein will help the body recover between training sessions and achieve optimal weight. Common food items that you will consume include wholegrain bread and cereals, vegetables, lean meat, low-dairy products, and fruits.

Our exercise and diet experts will regularly review your progress and take note of the improvements to plan subsequent workouts. The training will be engineered to promote health and overall fitness to make you a better athlete.